Supporting the Hyatt workers

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In case you don’t remember, there is a reason that we are having this convention in the Sheraton. Or, more precisely, why we’re not having it in a Hyatt.

A few years ago, the Hyatt hotel fired it’s cleaning staff, and contracted out to an agency. They saved themselves money, but deeply hurt their workers. The Reform Movement was among many who protested, and we continue to do so in part by refusing to give Hyatt our business.

I was reminded of this by someone representing the hotel workers’ union, who is here in our exhibitors room. He’s come as a way of thanking us for our ongoing support, and to make sure that we all know about this important issue.

If you’ve got 5 minutes, please find him, learn all about it, and reaffirm all of our support for the workers who make conventions like this possible.