Convention Info

THE Convention for Rabbis Who Care About:

  • Changing landscapes of our communities and rabbinates
  • Engaging 20s and 30s
  • Creating meaningful ritual
  • Utilizing music, art and technology
  • Developing dynamic collaborations
  • Building partnerships in the greater Jewish community
  • Re-envisioning the future of Reform Judaism
  • Studying with world renowned scholars
  • Challenging ourselves to rethink personal theology
  • Exploring creation, revelation and revolution through diverse and cutting-edge thinking


Schedule Changes and Daily Announcements:

Session locations are listed on this site, and any changes or announcements will be reflected here and posted at the Ayelet Registration Desk. Convention Program Committee members will also have daily updates.


All registered rabbis and spouses/partners may participate in the various programs and need to wear badges for identification and security purposes. (And to help colleagues remember our names!) Meals are served only to those wearing badges.


With such a complex program we all need to work together to make sure sessions begin on time. Please be prompt.

Cell Phones and Pagers:

Please be sure to set your phone, pager or laptop alarms and reminders to silent or vibrate during sessions and t’filot.


Members of the Convention Program Committee value your feedback. Please talk to us during the Convention and respond to the online survey you will receive after the Convention.

Please Make a Note of the Following:

Dinner With Friends

For those desiring dinnertime companionship Monday–Wednesday evenings, members of the CCAR Board look forward to going out with you. Sign up by lunchtime at the Ayelet Registration Desk and then meet at the Concierge Desk at the times indicated in this schedule.

Evenings in Boston

Our local colleagues have prepared a list of favorite restaurants and entertainment for your enjoyment. Copies are available at the Ayelet Registration Desk.


Follow along in the Convention Service from the updated iT’filah app for the iPad, now including a weekday morning service. Visit on your iPad.


Several colleagues will be blogging about the Convention throughout our four days together, and after. Read their posts.


We would love to hear your feedback! Tweet or direct message us at @reformrabbis, or use the official Convention hashtag #CCAR12 to join the conversation.


Please help us spread the word about Convention! We have created a press release template that you can use to send to your local media. Please feel free to send it as far and wide as possible.


View the full Convention Program (print version) online. For specific session details, please browse by category or by day using the navigation of this website.

Supporting the Hyatt workers

Posted by on 12:45 pm in blogpost, Exhibitors | Comments Off on Supporting the Hyatt workers

In case you don’t remember, there is a reason that we are having this convention in the Sheraton. Or, more precisely, why we’re not having it in a Hyatt. A few years ago, the Hyatt hotel fired it’s cleaning staff, and contracted out to an agency. They saved themselves money, but deeply hurt their workers. The Reform Movement was among many who protested, and we continue to do so in part by refusing to give Hyatt our business. I was reminded of this by someone representing the hotel workers’ union, who is here in our...

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Rabbi Gunther Plaut z”l

Posted by on 1:00 pm in blogpost | Comments Off on Rabbi Gunther Plaut z”l

Durng the Azkarah yesterday morning, among the names was, of course, Rabbi Gunther Plaut. If you’re reading this, then you already know what a giant he was in our movement, and of the almost unfathomable impact he had as editor and primary author of “The Plaut Commentary” or, if you prefer, “The Plaut-Bamberger Commentary.” I had the privilege of serving as Associate Rabbi at Holy Blossom Temple, where he was the Senior Scholar, and when he passed, one of my old congregants posted his obituary, from one of the...

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Harold Kushner and Seeing the Invisible God

Posted by on 8:01 pm in blogpost | Comments Off on Harold Kushner and Seeing the Invisible God

Managed to get to Rabbi Harold Kushner’s session on Seeing the Invisible God this afternoon (after hanging with the wife on Newbury St., catching up with my coach, and seeing my parents and son who’d spent the day together. My dad (Rabbi Harold Robinson) described the talk as a series of ‘petichtot and nechemtot’, and I’d say that was pretty accurate. As a result I’ll give you some of the various pithy quotes–may they find their way into a sermon of yours soon! The question we’re often asked is:...

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Welcome to Boston!

Posted by on 3:45 pm in blogpost | Comments Off on Welcome to Boston!

Boston inhabits a distinctive space in Jewish history: a space of tradition, transformation and extraordinary scholarship. Its many learning institutions, congregations, and community organizations inherit the revolutions of the past and foster future revolutions, with an eye toward new definitions of community engagement. Boston’s scholars, teachers and community members are paving the paths of leadership. Our time together in Boston is an opportune moment to explore Jewish communal change. Professional Development and Torah...

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Can’t wait for Boston!

Posted by on 2:48 pm in blogpost | Comments Off on Can’t wait for Boston!

I am so excited for our Boston Conference! I am looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues and the workshops look fantastic. Have you checked the schedule yet? So many choices. It is hard to know where to begin. Don’t forget as well to sign up for Keter Torah which is recognition of the continuing education and Torah learning that you do. The hours are recognized by the Conference and in fact if you had tracked your hours and submitted them you would have gotten a discount on this year’s registration fee! Go to our CCAR...

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Shipping Up To Boston (for CCAR12)

Posted by on 9:06 pm in blogpost | Comments Off on Shipping Up To Boston (for CCAR12)

Heading up tomorrow for CCAR and it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so a little Dropkick Murphys seemed appropriate. See y’all tomorrow!  

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Boston: Here we are

Posted by on 9:47 am in blogpost | Comments Off on Boston: Here we are

I am so excited to be here in Boston! It started great with an upgrade on the flight here. And I can see Fenway from my room! I think this is a great omen. I have already registered and visited with some dear friends! I’m loving this convention already! Congratulations to Brian Z and Debbie B. You have worked so hard to make this convention the best yet. The program looks terrific. I look forward to seeing you!

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Posted by on 2:26 pm in blogpost | Comments Off on HIGHLIGHTS OF CONVENTION 2012 | Videos

Revolutionary Lessons from Boston | Dr. Jonathan Sarna & Mr. Barry Shrage Sunday, March 18 5:00 PM Convention began with a dialogue between Dr. Jonathan Sarna, a leading scholar of American Jewish history, and Barry Shrage, the innovative President of Combined Jewish Philanthropies (Boston’s Jewish Federation). We explored what has transformed the Boston Jewish community and how that has been shaped through its unique history and present day culture. Dr. Sarna and Mr. Shrage spoke about the seeds of change in the Boston Jewish...

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Sweet as honey

Posted by on 5:36 pm in blogpost | Comments Off on Sweet as honey

“Sweet as honey on our tongues” is what we wish for the words of Torah and Torah study to be per Dan Nichols’ popular tune and it was with these words the CCAR conference in Boston began. And it was right into study and presentation the convention began. Dr. Jonathan Sarna of Brandeis University and Barry Shrage of Combined Jewish Philanthropies were guided in dialogue by Rabbi Denise Eger about the Boston Jewish community, what it can teach us in terms of collaboration between organizations and synagogues. When asked about...

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Update available for iT’filah app!

Posted by on 7:04 pm in blogpost | Comments Off on Update available for iT’filah app!

iT’filah, the Mishkan T’filah app for iPad, now has weekday morning service available!

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