Voices of Torah

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A Treasury of Rabbinic Gleanings on the Weekly Portions, Holidays and Special Shabbatot

A new Torah study resource! Discover multiple perspectives on every parashah in this rich collection of commentary written by CCAR members. Includes holiday portions as well. Makes a great gift for students, teachers, and congregational leaders. Will also be available as an e-book and for your Kindle.


ISBN 978-0-88123-159-5 
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“In Anticipation of each Shabbat, rabbis probe the assigned Torah portion, seeking to find truths that are no less true now than they’ve ever been, wisdom that speaks to our times, anomalies that are as puzzling now as they were when Torah was first written down, questions still in need of answers. As rabbis, our goal and our passion are to transmit and interpret Torah and its insights, week in and week out, to our twenty-first-century congregants…
Torah continues to speak to us, and it must continue to speak through us. May the “voices of Torah” included in this volume touch your hearts, challenge your minds, and motivate you to probe our Torah tradition and reach ever more deeply into it. With this volume and its offerings, may you discover new understandings and identify new gleanings that you can transmit to those you teach and befriend, so that yours will be a new voice for our ageless Torah”.

  -Rabbi Kenny Weiss

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