Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The CCAR enriches and strengthens the Jewish community by empowering Reform Rabbis to provide religious, spiritual and organizational leadership as it:

  • Fosters excellence in Reform Rabbis
  • Enhances Reform Rabbis’ professional and personal lives
  • Amplifies the voice of the Reform Rabbinate in the Reform Movement, the Jewish community and the world in which we live.

Core Pillars:

The CCAR achieves its Mission by offering Reform Rabbis opportunities for:

  • Torah study
  • Professional development
  • Spiritual growth and emotional well-being
  • Specialized services, such as placement, pension, mentoring and advocacy
  • Publishing liturgy and resource materials for the Reform Movement, including prayerbooks for the home and congregations, Responsa, platforms and guidelines
  • Articulating positions on social, ethical and religious issues of the day
  • Chevruta – a nurturing community of colleagues and friends.