Enhancing Prayer with Technology

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Enhancing Prayer with Technology
Mar 20 5:00 pm
Mar 20 6:15 pm
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Feb 11
Exeter Room

Peter Levi, Dan Medwin, Ron Segal

From stone tablets, to parchment, to bound and printed books, Jews have been regular adopters of new technology for the purposes of study and worship.  Come learn the newest tools to more deeply engage our members in prayer and liturgy, and to enhance our capabilities as facilitators of worship.

  • Visual T’filah allows the possibility of embracing visual imagery and “midrash” in worship settings, and lifts the faces and voices of the community.  Learn from colleagues about how it is being used in the field and how to bring it to your community.  We will also engage in a broader conversation about the power of visual imagery to convey ideas and emotions, and how its use can positively effect our rabbinates.
  • iT’filah: The Mishkan T’filah app, represents a significant step forward in the use of technology and its benefits for prayer.  Learn about its features and how to facilitate prayer and study through its offerings.  Also, get a “sneak peek” at some of the ideas in consideration for future versions of the app, and contribute your own ideas.
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